Video – Inconclusive Drawing (2016)

Andrew Gallacher Inconclusive Drawing (2016) Video. 3’10” Looped digital file

Inconclusive Drawing is a video record of abstract marks on acetate made to explore the tensions between creation and destruction, asking what we create in the act of destruction and what is destroyed when we create? Part animation, part live action and with an improvised soundtrack created as a response to the dynamic of the work’s progression and to its subsequent transformation.

The House of Beautifully Earned Trust

Muster Station
The House of Beautifully Earned Trust

2018 Starts in the HB cinema and continues on a short walk
Is this a new form of Airbnb or a regular family home? Yes.
Is it a protest or a celebration? No.
Do they love art or seek to destroy it? Yes.
Who is the family? No. What year is this? Yes. Why do they need visitors? No. Who’s actually in charge around here? No. What does it mean for our future? Yes. And so on? Maybe.
Muster Station is a rethinking and regrouping; an evolving group of artists that emerged from the closure of their art school at the University of Kent. As a sequel to (and inversion of) the School of Beginnings held at Tate Modern, (February, 2018), the Muster Station artists ask you to now put your trust in them, to show you a video, a sound, a walk and a home; The House of Beautifully Earned Trust.Muster Station, the School of Beginnings and The House of Beautifully Earned Trust were initiated by Whitstable-based artist, Adam Chodzko.

Participating artists:

Megan Boyle
Adam Chodzko
Sophie Chapman
Jordan Colbert
Jose Fernandez Levy
Andrew Gallacher
Sian Hookins
Adam James
Jose Macabra
Angel Obi
Claire Orme
Daniel Owusu
Carol Smith
Olu Taiwo
Fiona Townend

Meshes Presents: ExP (Experimental Film)

9th May 2018 – my short film (Video Poem) Pounding Down Your Door shown at the Genesis Cinema, Mile End Road, London E1

Pounding Down Your Door (2017) uses animated text and a complex layered soundscape of voices to engage the viewer with a rhythmic script. It is both a narrative construct and a periphrastic assembly. Simultaneously and sequentially ominous, witty, playful, sinister, insistent and gentle. Fractional revelations and fragmentary meanings are erased, replaced and erased again.
Think: if Jenny Holzer and Barbara Kruger smoked crack together and turned a Maria Fusco text into a CBeebies video for dysfunctional grown-ups.

Meshes is dedicated to promoting forward thinking and emerging works of moving image.

 In partnership with Genesis Cinema: Meshes is delighted to present its first edition – ExP.
ExP is an exhibition of selected short experimental films by local and international artists.
The programme composes of works exploring social identity, the performative body, and animatic expression.