Through the Lens

University of Kent MA Fine Art graduate Steve Kilmartin organises Through The Lens – Festival of Photography, 31st August to 8th September 2018

School of Music and Fine Art MA graduate Steve Kilmartin has organized an exhibition called Through The Lens –  Festival of Photography, running from 31st August to 8th September.  Held at St Mary In The Castle, Hastings, East Sussex,  this magical festival is for any photographer, photo-enthusiast, keen amateur or anyone who wants to see the world through a different lens. Offering a mix of world-class guest speakers, with new emerging photographic talent exhibiting alongside well-established photographers,  viewers can see contemporary photography and reportage all under one roof.  More info


Primordial Palimpsest Photographs

For entry into the Through The Lens Festival of Photography, Hastings (Sept 2018)

Primordial Palimpsest (2018) No.1
Primordial Palimpsest (2018) No.2
Primordial Palimpsest (2018) No.3
Primordial Palimpsest (2018) No.4
Print size 10 x 8 ins approx (26cm x 20cm)
Signed, numbered, limited edition archival giclée print, mounted, framed and glazed.
Frame size 16 x 12 approx (41cm x 31cm)
(Edition limited to 25 copies of each print.)
Each framed print priced at £30. Set of 4 at £100


Classified Ads Exhibition Series

reveal an intimate glimpse into the lives of the advertisers. This is advertising on the most human and least corporate scale possible.

 Valuably Human.

To take these advertisements out of their original context and present them as gallery pieces is to recognise the cultural complexity of the individual and to place a value on each narrative.

Cultural Narrative.

In reacting both to the objects advertised, and to what is revealed about the advertiser, the viewer’s own gaze reveals reflections of absurdity and honesty, of passion and obsession. There is at once kitsch and treasure, pathos and courage.

Click on a photograph to bring up a gallery of the images.

An early art project from the HND photography course at West Kent College.